Gigi Hadid just wore this universally feared fashion item

Gigi Hadid is often the first to wear controversial trends, and the latest item she’s bringing back from fashion’s Room 101 is a fluffy bolero cardigan. Yep, she’s attempting to bring back that ’00s school disco cover-up, the shrug.

This is actually a micro trend for the new season, as Stella McCartney included boleros in her autumn/ winter 2017 collection.
Gigi wore a pair of flared cropped Maje jeans (which have Zayn embroidered across the back pocket) with a cropped vest top, a fluffy grey bolero and equally fluffy mule sandals. She then carried a yellow handbag so small that it only fits a credit card (note her iPhone doesn’t even fit in it).

Below you will see Gigi Hadid’s latest look.