Google wants you to know what data it has on you


Google has changed Google Dashboard, the increasingly important privacy tool that shows users everything the search engine giant knows about you. The newly designed Google Dashboard will launch everywhere beginning next week, the company said on Friday.

Google Dashboard launched in 2009 to provide a snapshot of all Google products you would use—and the data that comes from those sources. The dashboard provides a summary of Google activity from all the YouTube videos you watched to emails in Gmail or your photos. Dashboard gives users access to product settings.

Google says it redesigned Dashboard to better integrate the tool with its other privacy controls. The most noticeable change is how it works on a smartphone. The company says it improved the usability on touch screens to ensure Google Dashboard works on every device.

It’s now easier to see an overview of Google products used and your data in each of them. Users can still download a copy of that data or export their information out of Google. The company said more than 1 million exports are completed every month.