Resortet super luksoze të 2019-së

Këto janë disa prej resorteve më të mira që mund të vizitoni gjatë 2019.

Capella Ubud, pictured, on the Indonesian island of Bali, has been created to look like a tented camp pitched by early 19th-century spice traders
Ky vend ndodhet në Capella Ubud, Bali.
One of the rooms inside a tent at Capella Ubud. Guests must walk across suspension bridges to reach their rooms
Kjo ëshë një prej dhomave të Capella Ubud.
Conde Nast Traveller judges were impressed with the resort, saying a stay there is like returning to the island's 'former wild self'
Resorti ndodhet në xhungël, në qytetin Indonesian Bali.
One of the 82 rooms at the Bulgari Hotel in Shanghai, which stands at over 42 storeys high

Bulgari Hotel, ndodhet në Shanghai. Në foto një prej dhomave të hotelit.
The hotel's restaurant has large windows so customers can make the most of the views across the Shanghai skyline
Restoranti ka pamje nga dritarja.
The Conde Nast judges were impressed with the hotel's interiors and its mixture of Italian and Chinese design. Pictured is the hotel's whisky bar

Hoteli Bulgari në Shanghai është 48 kate dhe ka 82 dhoma.
Joali, pictured, is an island hotel on the relatively undeveloped Raa Atoll in the Maldives
Hoteli Joali, Maldives.

The Joali resort has a mixture of both over-water and beach-side villas. Pictured is one of the 49 over-water villas
Në foto resorti, i cili është ndërtuar mbi ujë.
According to the judges, the hotel combines a Maldivian vibe with a Mediterranean feel and they add that 'there's been no scrimping when it comes to design'
Në foto duket hoteli, i cili është i ndërtuar me stilin Mesdhetar.
The University Arms in Cambridge is housed inside a former Victorian pile and is now a 192-room hotel

Hoteli University Arms, ndodhet në Cambridge.

One of the spacious rooms at the University Arms. Conde Nast Traveller notes: 'Cambridge has been arguably the smartest town in the land since about 1209. A mere 800 years later, it has a hotel to match'
Një prej dhomave të hotelit University Arms.
One of the ornate bathrooms inside the hotel. Another of its highlights is the contemporary British restaurant called Parker's Tavern
Një prej banjove të hotelit.

Hotel Joaquin, ndodhet në Kaliforni

An exterior shot showing Hotel Joaquin, located on California's Laguna Beach. It has been described as a cross between a bungalow, motor lodge and a beach house
Hoteli ndodhet në plazhin Laguna.

The judges were impressed with the boutique feel of the hotel - something they said was missing in that part of the California coast
Në foto një prej dhomave të hotelit.
The area around the pool where guests can relax. Much of the furniture in the hotel is vintage with some even picked up at flea markets
Zona rreth hotelit ka edhe një pishinë ku visitorët mund të relaksohen.

Shinta Mani Wild, Kamboxhia

One of the tented rooms at the Shinta Mani Wild resort in Cambodia, which has been described as one of the hottest new openings in Asia
Në foto duket hoteli Shinta Mani Wild
Guests can arrive at the resort by zip-lining in if they choose. It has a total of just 15 rooms
Foto nga resorti.

The resort is located halfway between Phnom Penh and Cambodia's south coast

Hotel Peter & Paul, New Orleans

The exterior of Hotel Peter & Paul in New Orleans. The building was formerly a 19th-century Catholic Church
Në shekullin e 19-t hoteli ka qenë kishë.
The judges were impressed with the hotel's bright and airy colour scheme
Në foto një prej dhomave të hotelit, ku duket tepër e ndriçuar.
The judges noted the smell of gardenias in the foyer. The interior design comes courtesy of Ash NYC

EPI 1959, St Tropez

One of the white-washed cabins that guests stay in at the newly re-opened Epi 1959 in St Tropez
Në foto një kabinave të hotelit.
Conde Nast Traveller describes the hotel as cute, cosy and charming

The cabins are filled with old pictures and vintage furniture